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Snippets panel

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At the bottom of Main window Snippets panel is shown (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Snippets panel.



Header snippet is intended for declaration and initialization of global variables and functions witch can be called later in other snippets

Status Screen

Status Screen snippet is intended for creating a runtime status screen (if required). XAML, a descriptive markup language, have to be used for coding in this snippet


Onlnitialized snippet is called only once, at the start of the experiment. It's intended for all initialization actions that need to be done at runtime.


OnRendered snippet is called each time when the visual content of the given event is changed at runtime both on-screen and off-screen. The snippet is intended for signaling or collecting statistics of visual changes.


OnActivating snippet is called just before onset of the given event, when it's still not activated and is off-screen Avoid using this snippet when an accurate onset timing is required! The snippet is intended for last moment changes in the coming event.


OnActivated snippet Is intended for all actions that need to be synchronized with the onset of the given event. The snippet is called one time, right after the event onset. It is also often used for general calculations and preparations because calling of this snippet is safe for a timing flow (if a duration of the event allows it) For example, OnActivated snippet of the first trial event can be used for all trial related adjustments


OnRunning is the only snippet that is called repeatedly while its parent event is still active OnRunning snippet of the experiment itself is called during a whole run. Snippets calls are made as frequently, as possible, sometimes, in a sub-millisecond interval. The snippet is intended for any looping actions, e.g. animation or continuous status checks. Note that the calling frequency is not fixed- it may depends on other core processing.


OnDeinitialized snippet is called only once, at the end of the experiment. It's intended for all devitalization actions that need to be done on a quit.


OnDeactrvated snippet is intended tor finalization actions right before onset of another event. It's called first in a pair with OnActivating snippet of the next event. Avoid using this snippet when an accurate timing of event switching is required!!!

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