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AddIns Manager

AddIns Manager

AddIns manager shows the list of the AddIns installed on the computer. The AddIn contains one or several elements, providing extra functionality to the software. Every AddIn can be enabled or disabled, except for the Base Elements AddIn which is always enabled. When the AddIn is disabled, the elements it contains become unavailable. AddIns manager can be accessed through the application menu.

Base Elements

  • Base Elements

Eye tracking

  • Tobii Pro eye tracking
  • Tobii eye tracking
  • EyeLink eye tracking
  • SMI eye tracking
  • EyeTribe eye tracking
  • Pupil Labs eye tracking
  • Arrington eye tracking
  • Jazz-Novo eye tracking
  • EyeTech DS eye tracking
  • OpenGaze eye tracking
  • Eye tracking analysis
  • Usability Research

Signal Processing

  • Signal Processing

Psychophysical Methods

  • Psychophysical Methods

Motion Capture

  • Kinect 3D tracking
  • Leap Motion tracking

Emotion Recognition

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services

Virtual Reality

  • Oculus Rift

Touch Screens

  • ELO Touch
  • PQLab touch tracking

Data Acquisition

  • Measurement Computing DAQ
  • National Instruments DAQ
  • National Instruments Common


  • Cambridge Research Systems
  • Mitsar
  • Stimulus Generators
  • Object tracking
  • Video Surveillance

User AddIns

  • User AddIns

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