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Category: Multimedia AddIn: Base Elements
Creator: OkazoLab Team Scope: Parent Event
Owns Snippets: no Usage: Runtime Screen,Snippets

Generic Properties

NameDescriptionAttributesValue Type
Test AudioPlays the current audio resource from the resource list of the elementDesign-time command
Playback modeDefines the playback method for the element: pmOnce – the current audio resource is played once starting at the time of activation of the parent event. pmLoop - the current audio resource is played repeatedly starting at the time of activation of the parent event until the latter is disactivated. pmNone - the playback doesnot start automatically until the property Is Playing is set to trueD,RstPlayMethod, Int32
Is PlayingAt the runtime indicates if the current audio resource is playing or not at the given moment of time. While playing, set it to false to make a pause. If the playback is finished, set to true to initiate it again.RBoolean
VolumeVolume, from the ground (0) to full (100), of the audio clipD,RInt32
BalanceStereophonic balance of playback, from -100 (left) to 100 (right). D,RInt32
DurationThe duration of the current audio clip in seconds.R, Read-onlyDouble
PositionThe current playing position (percentages, 0..100, to the total duration) of the audio clip.D,RDouble

+=== Properties inherited from clLibraryElement ===
NameDescriptionConstraintsValue TypeUpon Runtime Change
Material List
Selected IndexDefines the index of the active item in the material list of the element. Int32A change causes the current item to be reloaded and an update of the element.
Selected ItemDefines the name of the active item in the material list of the element. The name matches to a name of item in the Material Library StringA change causes the current item to be reloaded and an update of the element.
Item CountReturns the total number of items in the material list of the element.Int32
Equalize RGBThe property is only available in the visual element. If the value is true, the average RGB pixel intensity will be equalized across all items in the material list. You can turn on this property, when you need to obtain a luminance-balanced set of visual stimulus. Boolean

+=== Properties inherited from clElement === Inherited properties of clElement
NameDescriptionConstraintsValue TypeUpon Change
Is EnabledIf set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run.Boolean
TitleTitle of the element.String

Audio Player element allows a playback of audio clips stored in Material Library. Various audio formats are supported, including mp3. The element provides all playback controls and onset playback synchronization. Multiple clips can be loaded into element's list in order to form a stimulus set.


Selecting Event – Add Element command and selecting Audio Player under the Audio Stimuli category will add a new Audio Player element. The audio clip element can play audio files, of different formats, stored as resources in the Material Library. The element is designed for delivering audio feedback to participants or playing voice instructions. Several audio items can be loaded into an element's resource list, in order to make a switchable stimuli set. Different audio formats are supported provided that the appropriate codecs are installed on the system being used (the files have to be played correctly by other software players). The playback of some audio formats may be delayed due to a decoding script run by a background codec program, so this should be checked where necessary.


Snapshot 1

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2

Practical Use

If, under the Properties tab, the Behaviour property is set to pmOnce or pmLoop, the start of playback is aligned with the activation of the parent event. Playback can also be controlled manually by setting the property IsPlaying to true or false at the runtime. Other playback properties such as the volume, balance and playing position also can be adjusted dynamically.

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