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Element Icon CRS Control center
Category: Cambridge Research System AddIn: Cambridge Research System
Creator: OkazoLab Team Scope: Global
Owns Snippets: no Usage: Hardware control

Actions aligned with epochs of the parent event

After experiment onsetThe element sets the CRS hardware into the selected graphical mode and, optionally, applies the chosen gamma correction file
Before experiment offsetThe element restores the default configuration of the CRS hardware


Generic Properties

NameProperty descriptionConstraintsTypeUpon change
Display ModeDefines the display mode, which will be set on the CRS hardware on the startup of experimentSelection list
Temporal DitheringDefines whether the optional temporal dithering will be enabled on the CRS hardware on the startup of experimentBoolean
Gamma Correction
Gamma CorrectionDefines whether a user-defined gamma LUT file is employed by the CRS hardware on the startup of experiment.Boolean
Gamma LUT fileDefines a name of the LUT file (including extension) that will be employed by the CRS hardware on the startup of experiment. The file must present on the CRS drive. For example, you copy it there in advance, switching the hardware into the USB storage mode.String
LUT Editing
Load LUT FileLoads a LUT file for editing in EventIDEtype String
Edit Gamma LUTRuns an editor for the LUT tabletype String
Save LUT FileSaves the LUT file after editing in EventIDE. To be employed, the LUT file must be copied in the root/lut folder of the CRS drive.

+=== Properties inherited from clElement === Inherited properties of clElement
NameDescriptionConstraintsValue TypeUpon Change
Is EnabledIf set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run.Boolean
TitleTitle of the element.String

The element allows to control settings of the CRS stimulus generators, including Display+, Bits#, etc.


A family of CRS stimulus generators is controlled by commands sent by a serial port. To simplify a configuration process at the start of experiment, the CRS control center element help in handling commands that sets the graphical mode and gamma correction on the CRS hardware.

Practical Use

Technique 1

  1. Add the CRS Control Center element to any event in your experiment.
  2. Select the display mode that you want to use. Note that other EventIDE elements in the Cambridge Research AddIn support rendering only in the Mono++ mode.
  3. Run your experiment and check whether the selected mode is activated. If not, check for warnings in the error log

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