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Element Icon Config File
Category: Data collection AddIn: Base Layer
Creator: OkazoLab Scope: Experiment
Owns Snippets: None Usage: Snippets


NameDescription                              ConstraintsTypeOn
Select Proxy Variables        Open a dialog to select proxy variables                Boolean         
Manage Config File List        Open a dialog for managing the list of the pre-existing config files. The starup config file can be then selected from this list.                Boolean         
Startup Config File        Difines what file from the config file list will be automatically loaded at the startup of the experiment                Int32         
Runtime Control
Save Config Now        Provides a runtime command that saves the current GLM Config into a XML file. To run the command at runtime, assign a file name to this property.                String         
Load Config Now        Provides a runtime command that loads the GLM Config values from a XML file. To run the command at runtime, assign a file name to this property.                String         
Is Enabled        If set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run                Boolean         
Title        Title of the element                String         

Config File Element allows saving and loading xml configuration files that hold values of the selected proxy variables. The element can be also used for start-up selection of configuration parameters from a predefined list of configuration files.




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Snapshot 1

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Snapshot 2

Practical Use


Technique 1

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    === Technique 2 ===
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     // Check the trial outcome. Result and RT just other user variables
    // insert code snippet here..
    == Notes ==
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