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Element Icon Custom Signal
Category: Signal Acquisition AddIn: Signal Processing
Creator: OkazoLab Scope: Experiment
Owns Snippets: None Usage: Snippets


NameDescription                              ConstraintsTypeOn
Sampling Rate        Defines the output sampling rate of the custom signal                Double         
Buffer Size        Defines the size (in samples) of a circular buffer that stores data of custom signal, before it is processed by other element.                Int32         
Overflow Dismissal
Overflow Dismiss        Defines whether a part of submitted samples can be dismissed, if the samples are submitted faster than the chosen sampling rate. If the dismissal is not allowed, the signal data can become desynchronized in overflows.                Boolean         
Runtime Control
Submit Samples Now        in order to submit samples to the custom signal, assign a double value or double array to this property in the snippets. The new values are placed in an accumulative queue, such that the samples go to the signal one by one, in accordance with the chosen sampling rate                Object         
Queue Size        Returns a number of samples awaiting submission to the signal. This property can be used to control overflows with high sampling rates.                Int32         
Clear Queue Now        Assign 'true' in order to forcedly clear a queue of samples that await submission to the signal. The queue may exist, when it was not enough time for processing of previously submitted data. Note that the cleared samples will be lost.                Boolean         
Is Enabled        If set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run                Boolean         
Title        Title of the element                String         

Custom Signal Element creates and maintains an artificial continuous signal with predefined sampling rate. At runtime, custom samples (double numbers) can be submitted to the signal by a user script. The custom signal can be helpful in recording synchronization markers that then can be merged with other online signals.




Snapshot 1

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2

Practical Use


Technique 1

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    === Technique 2 ===
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     // Check the trial outcome. Result and RT just other user variables
    // insert code snippet here..
    == Notes ==
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