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Element Icon Dwell Heat Map
Category: Data Collection AddIn: Base Layer
Creator: OkazoLab Scope: Parent event
Owns Snippets: None Usage: Snippets


NameDescription                              ConstraintsTypeOn
Rendering Size        Defines the size of the produced chart in pixels. The chart is automatically stretched on rendering, but a larger rendering size improves the chart quality with some cost in performance. The rendering size is also used as the resulting image resolution, when the chart is saved into a file.                clSize         
Cluster Number        Defines the number of clusters on the heat map along each of the X and Y map axis.                Int32         
Map Opacity        Defines the opacity of the heat map (100% is opaque), when it is drawn over a replica of the stimulus screen in the XAML heat map control                Double         
Update Interval        Defines the redraw interval for the heat map when it is being shown on the status screen between the onset and offset of the parent event.                clTime         
Blurring Ratio        Defines the Gaussian blurring sigma for rendering the heap map clusters                Double         
Runtime Status
XAML Heat Map        Returns a live XAML control that can be used for direct binding to the Content property of the XAML ContentControl element, e.g. ContentControl with a heat map can be added to the status screen or to the XAML Layout element.                UIElem..         
Save Map Now        Use this runtime command whenever you want to save a screenshot of the generated map or export map data into a text file. To run the command, assign a string with a full file path and name to this property in a code snippet. The map will be saved into the target file after the end of the snippet call. The exporting format is defined by extension of the target file. For an image file use .bmp, .png or .jpg. The the text file, use .txt or .csv                String         
Is Enabled        If set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run                Boolean         
Title        Title of the element                String         

Dwell Heat Map Element collects visualized statistics of gaze positions (not fixation!) within the selected event. Formation of the heat map can be monitored on the status screen in realtime. The resulting dwell heat map can be exported either into a text or image file.




Snapshot 1

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2

Practical Use


Technique 1

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    === Technique 2 ===
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     // Check the trial outcome. Result and RT just other user variables
    // insert code snippet here..
    == Notes ==
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