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Error "DirectX libraries are not found"

Modified on 2016/01/25 18:43 by Maria Categorized as Introduction
Problem descriptionSuggested solutions
On EventIDE startup you get an error message that some DirectX libraries are not found. 1. If you have DirectX 9.0 installed on your computer, try to reinstall DirectX 9.0. The reason is that EventIDE needs the DirectX managed libraries, those are installed only if an DirectX installer detects a presence of .NET on a computer. 2. On some systems with previously installed .NET components, the extra installation steps have to be performed in this order: a) Deinstall all version of the .NET on your system (including NET 4.0, if you've installed it before) b)Install .NET 3.5 c)Install .NET 4.0 d)Reinstall DirectX 9.0

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