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Library panel

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When you click on the scroll picture on the right side of Main window (to the right of the Properties and Proxies buttons), Library of your project opens. It contains a list of uploaded files, which can further be used as element in Event.

Figure 1. Library example.

Figure 1. Library example.

The star means that item is already in use. For XAML items there is a second button to the left - by clicking on which you can open this item in editor.


Moving cursor near the folder icon, you can see how much items are downloaded to the current folder and how much memory used. Right-click on the panel space opens a menu, which allows you to
  • load items from any external folders
  • add custom XAML (Blank, Ellipse, Rectangle, Cross)
  • update items if they were changed
  • copy and paste uploaded items
  • add folder to organize your items, if there are too many
  • expand folder
  • collapse folder
  • delete items.

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