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NI Counter Pulse Element

Modified on 2016/05/17 16:09 by Maria Categorized as Communications
Element Icon NI Counter Pulse Element
Category: Communication AddIn: National Instruments DAQ
Creator: OkazoLab Team Scope: Parent Event
Owns Snippets: no Usage: Presentation Screen,Status Screen, Code snippets

Actions aligned with epochs of the parent event

After experiment onsetThe element ...
Event rendered
Before event onset
After event onset
Control loop stepThe element ...
Before event offset
Before experiment offsetThe element ...


Generic Properties

NameProperty descriptionConstraintsTypeUpon change
NI Counter ChannelDefines the selected counter channel on the NI board.String
Working ModeDefines a working mode for the element.stNIPortMode
Pulse Profile
Is Idle LowDefines the idle state (low or high) for the generated pulses.Boolean
Initial DelayDefines the amount of time, in ms, to wait before generating the first pulse.Double
Low TimeDefines the amount of time, in ms, that the pulse is low.Double
High TimeDefines the amount of time, in ms, that the pulse is highDouble
Pulse NumberDefines the number of pulses to generate. For the pulse train use values greater than 1.Int32
Preface DurationDefines the duration (ms) of the guarantied zero preface interval for the TTL or Pulse signals. Increase the preface duration marginally, if your recording hardware does not detect port signals. Note that a non-zero preface delays the onset of the actual signal.Double
Send Output NowRuntime action initiating an instant output communication through the port. Call this action in snippets by 'SendNow=true;', but only if the element works in the 'Manual I/O' mode.Boolean

+=== Properties inherited from clElement === Inherited properties of clElement
NameDescriptionConstraintsValue TypeUpon Change
Is EnabledIf set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run.Boolean
TitleTitle of the element.String

NI Counter Pulse element allows sending a single pulse or pulse train through the output counter channel on the National Instruments DAQ cards.


Short description


Snapshot 1

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2

Practical Use

Technique 1

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Technique 2

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 // Check the trial outcome. Result and RT just other user variables
// insert code snippet here..


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