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Old Web Browser Element

Modified on 2018/08/29 03:58 by Administrator Categorized as Deprecated, Elements


Element Icon Old Web Browser
Category: Deprecated AddIn: Base Layer
Creator: OkazoLab Scope: Parent event
Owns Snippets: None Usage: Stimulus screen


NameDescription                              ConstraintsTypeOn
Visual Appearance
Position        Defines a position of the rendering viewport on the screen                clPoint         
Size        Defines a size of the element's rendering viewport on the screen                clSize         
Alpha Masking        Defines, whether the visual content is used to create an opacity mask on the event surface. If masking is on, the content's pixel luminance (or, its inverse) defines transparency within element's viewport. The alpha masking allows, for example, create transparent holes on the event surface.                Int32         
AntiAliasing        if true, the rendered content will be antialiased for smoother visual appeariance. If false, rendering will be authentic to its source, e.g. a bitmap.                Boolean         
Z Order        Indicates Z Order of the element on the given event                Int32         
Pivot Point        Defines alignment of the pivot point (or, element's position) relative to element's rendering area. The pivot point sets the center of element's rotation and scale directions.                stAlig..         
Visible        Defines whether the element is visible                Boolean         
Rotation        Rotation angle in degrees                Double         
Browser Settings
Web Address        Defines the web address of the page shown in the browser.                String         
Zoom        Defines the zoom percentage for the loaded webpage                Int32         
Allowed Actions        Defines what types of user actions are allowed in the webbrowser.                Int32         
Hide In Loading        Defines whether the browser viewport is hidden until a new webpage is completely loaded                Boolean         
Browser Commands
Go Back Now                         Boolean         
Go Forward Now                         Boolean         
Run JScript Now                         String         
JScript Result                         Object         
Runtime Status
Triggering Time        Returns the local event time when the current webpage is fully loaded. The element gets triggered, each time as it happens                clTime         
Is Triggered        Indicates whether the element has been triggered since the onset of the parent event. The element gets triggered, as the current webpage is fully loaded (each time as it happens)                Boolean         
Page Size        Returns a size of the current webpage in pixels                clSize         
View Rect        Returns the location and size of the current viewport (visible part of the webpage)                Rectan..         
HTML Source        Returns the HTML source of the current webpage                String         
Is Loading        Indicates the loading state of the browser. It returns 'true', while a page is loading and not ready                Boolean         
colspan="5" bgcolor="#AADDDDD" |   
Transparent Color        The color of the original pixels of rendered content that will be set as transparent                stColor         
Transparent Tolerance        Tolerance ratio for choosing colors that become transparent. Zero means that effect is not applied, 1 denotes that all colors will become trasparent                Int32         
Color Mask        Produces a multiplicative combination of the original pixels and the selected mask color (except the alpha channel).  The effect emulates a look through a colored glass.  White or transparent mask color dont change the original pixels                stColor         
Opacity        Opacity of the rendered content                Int32         
Contrast        Contrast of the rendered content                Int32         
Brightness        Brightness the rendered content                Int32         
Saturation        Saturation of the rendered content                Double         
Pixelation        Pixelation of the rendered content                Int32         
Blurring        The radius used in the gaussian blur of rendered content, as a pixel-based factor. The default is 0 which means no blurring.                Int32         
Scrambling                        Double         
Scrambling Grid Size        Defines a size of the scrambling grid                clSize         
Positional Jitter
Reset Jitter Now        Runtime command that resets the positional jitter.                Boolean         
Current Jitter        Returns the current jitter                clPoint         
Jitter Range        Defines a possible range for the random jitter. The range is centered to the position of the element.                clSize         
Is Enabled        If set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run                Boolean         
Title        Title of the element                String         

Old Web Browser Element is deprecated and will be removed soon. Use the new Web Browser element from the Web Tools AddIn.

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