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Data Report

Modified on 2016/06/19 10:46 by Administrator Categorized as Main concepts, Special Concepts
All experiment results can be stored in a special log file (in string format), that can be replenished through the Report variable.
Each time anything is written to the Report variable, it is added to the end of log.
For example, if log file has this data in it:
and you put the following in a snippet:

log file will change this way:


Each new assignment of the Report variable adds its value to the new line of the log.
Log file is binary and secured: no information would be lost even in case of sudden power-off.
Access to the log file is much more faster then access to ordinary file on a computer: it allows fast writing big data amounts to it. Log file is text format file, so all data which is added to it has to be in a text format.
Log can be exported to a text or Excel file. If exporting to Excel, column separators can be set for easier export. Column separators can be set in the proper field in HQ Properties by the Report column separators field.
To make log more regulated, column headers have to be added. It can be done before first Report assignment in the Initialized snippet by adding something like this:

If export has to be automized, proxy can be added to the Report variable. After that Report will be accessible from snippets.

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