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Voice Recorder Element

Modified on 2016/05/08 12:56 by Maria Categorized as Elements, Input Registration
Element Icon Voice Recorder
Category: Behaviour Input AddIn: Base Elements
Creator: OkazoLab Team Scope: Parent Event
Owns Snippets: no Usage: Runtime Screen,Snippets

Synchronized Internal Actions

Experiment StartParent Event OnsetStatus change between Onset/OffsetParent Event OffsetExperiment End
Starts listening Stops listening


Generic Properties

NameDescriptionConstraintsValue TypeUpon Runtime Change
Select Output FolderPress button to select the output folder
Output FolderSelected folder name String
Current FilenameDefines filename for the next recoding clip. Leave empty to get the auto-generated names composed of the current date and time String
Sample RateDefines the sample rate of recorded clips, in bytes per second for each channel. Int32
Channel numberDefines the number of channels in recordings,e.g. 1-for mono, 2-for stereo. Int32
Audio DeviceIndex of the selected audio input device that will be used for recording. Set to 0 for the system default device. Int32
Buffer LengthDefines length of the recording memory buffer in ms. Each time when the buffer is filled its data is copied and added into a Wave file. If the parent event is deactivated between two consecutive copings, the last part of recording can be lost. To avoid this, make the buffer length as short as necessary but mind the performance cost. Int32
Recording DurationReturns the duration of the current recording (in sec). UInt64
Test RecordingInitiates/stops test recording through the default audio input device. The recorded clip is stored as RecordingTest.wav in the current output folder.

+=== Properties inherited from clElement === Inherited properties of clElement
NameDescriptionConstraintsValue TypeUpon Change
Is EnabledIf set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run.Boolean
TitleTitle of the element.String

The Voice Recorder element records an online audio input, e.g. via a microphone.


The Voice Recorder element is capable of capturing online microphone input and writing it into a wav file. The element works with WaveOut API, supported in all Windows OS. The element automatically starts/stops recording on the onset and offset of the parent event.



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