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Element Icon Mixed Signal
Category: Signal Acquisition AddIn: Signal Processing
Creator: OkazoLab Scope: Experiment
Owns Snippets: None Usage: Snippets


NameDescription                              ConstraintsTypeOn
Input Channels        Defines input channels for processing                IList         
Reference Channel        Defines the signal for processing by the element. The signals are provided by the data acquisition elements.                Int32         
Signal Normalization        Defines the normalization procedure that is automatically applied to the signal before the analysis                enSign..         
Buffer Size        Defines the size (in samples) of the element's processing buffer                Int32         
Output Sampling Rate        Defines the sampling rate of processing performed by this element, in Hz. If the input channels have different sampling rates, the input signal will be re-sampled to the chosen rate                Double         
Resampling Method        Defines the interpolation method for resampling the input signals of different sampling rates                Int32         
Chunk Size        Defines a size of the processing blocks (chunks) in samples. The value must not be greater than the buffer size.                Int32         
Runtime Control
Is Running        Defines whether the element is processing data. You can use this property to pause the signal processing at any time (e.g. for a sake of performance)                Boolean         
Reset Signals Now        Runtime commands that resets the signal buffers and data acquisition                Boolean         
Is Enabled        If set to false the element is completely omitted when the experiment is run                Boolean         
Title        Title of the element                String         

Mixed Signal Element allows averaging multiple signals from other signal acquisition elements in order to produce a single mixed signal for processing. The element can also optionally subtract a  selected reference channel from the resulting signal.




Snapshot 1

Snapshot 1

Snapshot 2

Snapshot 2

Practical Use


Technique 1

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    === Technique 2 ===
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     // Check the trial outcome. Result and RT just other user variables
    // insert code snippet here..
    == Notes ==
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