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Application button

Application button

The Application menu is the main menu of EventIDE, which contains the commands related to the entire application, such as Preferences, License Manager, AddIns Manager etc. The Application menu is accessible via the Application button at the top left corner of the application.
Application menu

Application menu


This menu item allows to save the current experiment.

Save as

This menu item allows to save the current experiment in the specified folder.


This menu item allows to open an existing experiment.

Open Recent

This menu item allows to open a recently accessed experiment file by picking it from the list. It is also possible to pin the experiment to this panel for quick access.

Stroop task pinned to the recent files panel


This menu item allows either to create a blank experiment or to create an experiment from the existing template.


This menu item gives access to built-in experiment gallery as well as the online experiment gallery.


NameDescriptionDefault settings
Cleanup Period (days)All the data collected with EventIDE is automatically stored and can be accessed through Run History. The cleanup period is the time period when the application gives notifications to delete all run history and associated data to prevent low disk space.30 days
Open last file on startupIf "true" is selected, the application will automatically load the most recently edited experiment at startup.True
Checking for updates:Defines the period of auto-checks for application updates.Once a week
Notify on runtime errorsIf "true" is selected the application gives a notification after non-critical run-time errors and warnings.True
Monitor selection
Stimulus screenDefines the monitor for stimulus presentationAuto selection
Status screenDefines the monitor for the EventIDE status screen.Auto selection
Code editor
Code AnalysisDefines whether the automatic code analysis in enabled in the code editor. The code analysis generates warnings on detected errors, right while you type code. Disabling the code analysis may increase the GUI performance on slow PCs.True
FontDefines the font in the code editors.Default font
BackgroundDefines the background color in the code editorsWhite
Text ColorDefines the text color in the code editors.Black
GUI settings
GUI AnimationTurns off to get better performance on slow PCs.True.
Auto-expanding layersDefine whether the event sub-layers are automatically expanded in the quick navigation bar, after the parent event is selected in the event panel.False
Relevant properties filterDefines the filtering mode for the property panel. If the filter is on, only the relevant properties of objects are shown in the first selection. If the filter is off, all the properties are shown, which can result in slower GUI performance during the selection of the properties.True


This menu item allows to enable gamma correction of the monitor. Enable gamma correction, if you want to linearize the RGB-to-luminance mapping for the stimulus monitor. The gamma correction is estimated automatically once you specify the actual non-linear gamma profile of your monitor. There are two ways to specify the gamma-profile:

  • You can empirically measure and build the monitor profile for each of the RGB levels and then copy normalized values into the monitor gamma profile.
  • Alternatively, you can generate an approximate monitor profile with custom arguments of the power function. If enabled, the gamma correction (will be automatically estimated and applied at the start of every experiment in the full-screen mode).

Gamma Profile


This menu contains the link to:
  • The EventIDE wiki (F1), where you can get information about panels, element, snippets and other concepts of the EventIDE software.
  • FAQ Blog
  • Web forum
  • About - the information about the current version number, software disclaimer and credits.

AddIns Manager

Main article: AddIns Manager

AddIns manager allows to enable and disable AddIns, providing extra functionality to the application. Below is the list of AddIns available in EventIDE:

  • Base Elements
  • Kinect 3D tracking
  • Signal Processing
  • Measurement Computing DAQ
  • EyeTribe eye tracking
  • Tobii eye tracking
  • Psychophysical Methods
  • Video Surveillance
  • OpenGaze eye tracking
  • SMI eye tracking
  • National Instruments DAQ
  • Cambridge Research Systems
  • Stimulus Generators
  • Arrington eye tracking
  • EyeLink eye tracking
  • Jazz-Novo eye tracking
  • Eye tracking analysis
  • ELO Touch
  • EyeTech DS eye tracking
  • Usability Research
  • Leap Motion tracking
  • Object tracking
  • PQLab touch tracking
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Mitsar
  • National Instruments Common
  • Oculus Rift
  • Pupil Labs eye tracking
  • Tobii Pro eye tracking


This menu item allows to:
  • Install the license by entering the license key.
  • Uninstall the license. After the license is uninstalled, the software continues to work in evaluation mode.
  • Save the license to a file for offline license activation.
  • Load the license from the file for offline license activation.

Read more information about managing the license here.  


Click to check for updates online.


Click to quit application.

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